My name is Karen Griffith, a transformational coach and wellness practitioner.

I help curious people activate their happiness in a changing world by one to one and group coaching.

Who am I?

Since 2005, I have been trying to find my purpose, my dharma in life. I have experienced several setbacks in the past 16 years. Mental health challenges, redundancies, friend’s deaths, financial difficulties, burnout and other health issues. It seemed that the more that I relied on the external, people, places and things the unhappier I became.

After redundancy from a 13 year post I decided to explore other options through coaching. I loved it so much that I got coached in other areas in my life and before I knew it became a ICF ACSTH Professional coach. I also hold a ICF certificate in Wellness Coaching. I now help clients become happier more fulfilled versions of themselves. My values for coaching are happiness, freedom, passion and growth.

Why work with me?

As we navigate through these unchartered waters, we face a lot of uncertainty. We all need to find ways to transform our fears into courage, our doubts into opportunity, our procrastination into action. I can help you to reflect on where you are currently in your reality and where you want to go your future state.

I will help activate your potential from a place of happiness and wellness. A practice developed with mindfulness, empathy and without judgement or bias. My work focuses on your energy, health, mindset and actions.

“Tinogona – It is achievable!”

Let’s focus on gaining clarity and discover your own meaning of happiness. You can break away from self-sabotage and patterns that no longer serve you in leading a more fulfilled life. So you can:

  • Gain clarity and freedom
  • Be confident and courageous
  • Have a purposefully led life

My goal is to challenge, support and guide you to gain clarity on your situation, figure out your blind spots or what is holding you back. My priority is to help you get out of your own way, be action based to achieve your goals. Whether you want to get the most out of your personal life, career or business, let me show you how to transform your life in small, simple steps towards a happier life.

I work one to one with a limited number of clients. group coaching through workshops and offer mentoring opportunities.

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date.

Take a deep breath and try again.”

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